You are the hero of your own story. These are your threads.

The earliest ideals of GABERCRETE started as a sincere love for original characters - the inclination to take the building blocks, lexicon, and aesthetic guardrails of a well-defined universe and populate it with custom personas; the concept that the galaxy is so vast that ones own creation could conceivably fit into the story somewhere. GABERCRETE is for the underworlder, the seedy denizen, the scoundrels, the “plainsclothes-er” who looks like they could jump right out of the background of the scene. We are here to outfit THAT character’s journey.

GABERCRETE is fashion for heroes & scoundrels.

GABERCRETE was formally established in 2019 as a solution for this kind of dressing (though we like to trace the roots back to 2016 when we sewed our first concept garments!). Originally offering custom bespoke scoundrel jackets and vests on an entirely commission basis, the brand has recently expanded to include ready-to-wear options, and plans to continue to grow into this section of business.


Q: What are your product offerings?

A: We currently offer custom scoundrel vests and jackets on a commission basis. We also offer ready-to-wear (pre-made) styles in a variety of other silhouettes - check out our shop or follow us on instagram to keep up with product launches!

Q: Can you make me [insert character name's] costume?

A: We do not produce “screen” or “canon” character costumes - only original designs. Thankfully there are many talented creators out there who can help you instead!

Q: How do ready-to-wear sales work?

A: Our ready-to-wear style will be listed in our website where they can be purchased directly from our shop - depending on the point in the development process, they might be ready-to-ship, or listed as a pre-order! We work with a local Atlanta, GA factory to produce these styles.

Q: How do custom commissions work?

A: Custom commissions are designed and sewn by hand in our home studio. While you will notice that there are aesthetic elements that are repeated/shared and have become part of our recognizable GABERCRETE design language, each jacket and vest we make on commission is original and unique to you; we will not exactly reproduce a specific design that we have made for another individual client before, meaning you are getting a bespoke, custom piece. We are able to work with as little or as much direction/inspiration as you want to give; if all you know is that you want a “blue” jacket, we can design something for you. If you know you want it inspired by a certain character, we can do that. We can work with an inspo board, or referencing our previous work, basic descriptions, whatever you do (or don't have). If you have your own sketch already completed that you are looking for someone to sew for you, let’s chat - we can probably do it! To get a custom commission, see our "contact" page to join the waitlist.

Q: What is the pricing structure like for custom garments?

A: Vests start at $330, while jackets start at $430. There are upcharges for things such as: premium materials (think: leather), or excessive/complex surface detailing (think: sleeve pleating, quilting, etc.) Every piece is individually priced and you will be given a final quote before construction begins. Rarely does a piece exceed $500 - unless it utilizes a lot of leather.

Q: What are your size ranges?

A: For ready-to-wear styles, please see the individual listing for size scales. For our custom vests/jackets, we offer sizes XS-3X, in two basic silhouettes: masculine-cut and feminine-cut. We do ask for measurements from clients so we can help determine the best size for you.

Q: When are you opening for commission again/when is your next product launch?

The million dollar question. For custom commissions, we steadily work off our waitlist in the background - we contact people as slots become available (work is sometimes irregular). Ready-to-wear product launches will be announced on our instagram as styles are made available for release. The best way to keep up with our schedule is to follow us on instagram, where we will be posting regular updates.

Q: What is the “behind-the-scenes” like?

A: GABERCRETE is a one-woman operation - everything is designed, sewn, or produced by one person (honorable mention: her very generous husband who photographs her products for her). The exception is when we are producing ready-to-wear styles: then we work with local Atlanta factories to bring them to life. This is a small, small business - with a lot of passion for the pieces we create and the reason behind them!